Hi, I'm Selena.  Let's see, where to start...I love color, I live for finding the beauty in everything. If there's a chance I can do it myself instead of buying it, you can bet that I'm gonna do it myself. I've been called intense more than a few times.  I'm terrible at small talk, but if you want to dig deep into something real, I'm your girl. I love cooking and baking and writing my own recipes. I've had some health issues, which first surfaced as skin issues, so I started my journey researching all I could so I could start making my own products so that I didn't have to sacrifice fragrance and beauty in my skincare regimen.  I collected so much knowledge during this time and I fell in love of the alchemy of taking specific ingredients and turning them into something beautiful that was both fun and nurturing to use. It was all I loved about cooking and baking, but for the skin.

Over time I've learned that self care cannot be about any one thing, it has to be about all things.  The food you eat, the products you use, the environment both physically and emotionally that you live in. You have to tackle all of it to see real change. I believe in using plants and food as medicine and healing the body from the inside out, so naturally my journey has sent me not only looking at skincare, but also the Standard American Diet and the epidemic of what processed foods is doing to our bodies.  Skincare can only do so much if you're not taking care of your body on the inside as well as your mindset, so I consider this just one part of a several step process to proper self care. 

I've always been drawn to water, so I guess it's no surprise that I was drawn to healing through water. I'm really diving deep into the therapeutic benefits of various baths and soaks in the hopes of helping everyone add those benefits to their self care routines right in their own home. They are luxurious, indulgent and a beautiful ritual of self care and show of self love. Check out the baths page to see which one fits your needs. Don't forget to try one of our famous scrubs!

That being said, some of you may know me from the shop I had in Jim Thorpe, PA.  Unfortunately, not paying attention to all of those things resulted in my needing to step back for a few years and heal. But now I'm back and clearer than ever, ready to go!  So, I will not only talk about skincare, but all types of health and self care.  I just may share a recipe or two, too.  If this sounds like something you're interested in, sign up for our member area!

I've been researching and creating skincare products for almost two decades, which is half of my life. I love creating different products for different purposes and my customers have completely influenced how I went about this relaunch.  Sharing my customer's favorites as well as my own, this time around, I'm doing what I love and what gives me the most joy.  No more making things just to fill retail shelves. Everything shared/sold here was created with the utmost love, respect, and joy. I can only hope that it translates to the finished product and you feel even a portion of these things when you use them in your daily routine. Life is too short not to love every moment you can and make each one special, whatever that means to you.

Have specific questions about your skin or skincare needs?  Skincare and other consultations available on the Services page. Appointments options include: in person, video chat, or by phone, so if you're not local, that's no problem at all. In the Lehighton/Jim Thorpe, PA area & want to come check out products before you buy? Submit a contact form or give me a call and I'll get you set up with a date and time that works for both of us!  Thank you. 

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